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There’s no substitute for condom use, but millions of people still forget this part. As a result, they’re now afflicted with the deadly herpes infection. Experts have found various type of treatments starting from the use of herbs and natural elements, suppressive therapy, taking of antiviral medications, and the famous hsv 2 cure.

Genital herpes infection is prevalent nowadays. Some people experience symptoms that cause them to be aware of their present condition while others don’t even know that they’re affected by the virus. The difference between HSV type 1 and HSV type 2 is that the former is responsible for the prevalence of cold sores while the latter causes genital outbreak.

Always remember that herpetic lesions and cold sores are highly contagious. These symptoms can be passed on from people who are affected by the virus. Cold sores generally happen due to direct contact with the patient. In addition to this, it may also be caused by sharing or towels, razors or eating utensils.


The hsv 2 cure can effectively cure genital herpes, which is usually transmitted from one individual to another by means of sexual intercourse, including anal and oral sex. The herpes simplex virus can enter the system through a single or tiny break in the skin or even through soft tissues in the vagina, penis, mouth, cervix, urinary tract opening, or anal area.

Herpes infection is most easily spread if sores or blisters are visible on the affected person. However, the virus can also be passed on at anytime. Studies show that a patient can transmit the infection even when he’s not exhibiting any symptoms or signs of herpes infection.

Herpes can be spread in different parts of the body, like the genitals, fingers, and eyes. Just like the equally deadly human immunodeficiency virus or AIDS, herpes virus can also be transmitted from the mother to her unborn child during vaginal delivery. When the patient has an active lesion, it’s vital to take extra care since there is a greater risk of infecting others, particularly babies.

People with eczema or “open-skin” or those with suppressed immune systems are also prone to this type of infection. Conventional treatment or cure like oral prescription drugs are commonly used, but the truth is that even if you regularly take famciclovir, acyclovir, or valacyclovir, herpes virus is still present in the system. It’s only when you use hsv 2 cure that the virus can be permanently contained and flushed out of the body.

Treating herpes infections is not that easy. Most medications can only alleviate the symptom of the outbreak, shorten the course of the outbreak or merely to suppress recurrences. Some medicines are good in reducing the number of outbreaks and preventing the spread of the disease. But in all these instances, the virus is still hidden in the body.

The worst thing is that most treatments that are previously provided are suppressants only and they’re very expensive. Try the new natural cure for herpes, and you’ll certainly be surprised with the remarkable results.